We love watching our members succeed and grow, especially during tough times. Read below to see how we’ve helped some of our member businesses to combat global supply chain issues.

“I thank John and the EPG team for their superior customer service and excellent communication skills.

EPG let us know immediately when extra containers became available – often due to Covid cases closing factories and their booked containers being released days prior to sailing. Their fast communication helped Maersk maximize ship capacity by utilizing the containers, helped our factories to maximize product output, and allowed our company to book extra containers so we could provide customers with the products they desperately needed."

Tom Atyeo, Vice President
Harvest Ventures, Inc.

“The EPG team has helped to put us back in control of our supply chain. Our customers are seeing savings, our factories are excited to receive consistent bookings again and our margins are improving.
Our partnership with EPG could not have come at a better time. We are witnessing the future of ocean freight.”

Derek Troup, Purchasing Manager
Swiff-Train Co.

“The onslaught of this pandemic has been a huge challenge for an international business such as ours. EPG has not only helped us meet our objectives, but surpass our goals with shipping and supply chain demands. They have risen above all expectations!”

Manager Danny Tran, 4th Generation Owner
Son Fish Sauce

“We are saving money and the process is now much easier than before. I only wish we knew about EPG sooner because they could have saved us a lot of trouble and money over the years.”

Omar Qayyum, President/CEO
SDTW Direct

“We look like Rockstars to our portfolio companies, simply by bringing EPG opportunities to them.”

ACG Representative

epg & The Association for Corporate Growth: Profit & Predictability

As the premier global community for middle-market dealmakers and business leaders, The Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) is always on the search for partnerships that drive tangible value for their members. epg was able to provide ACG’s middle-market companies with sustainable savings and more predictability in the turbulent ocean freight category.

epg & SDTW Direct: Streamlined Logistics & Savings

SDTW Direct specialises in aftermarket custom wheels and tires for a variety of vehicle applications. As with many importers they were affected by rising shipping costs and supply chain disruptions as a result of the Covid pandemic. Through EPG’s exclusive shipping deals SDTW Direct were able to save on costs and track shipments through Maersk-Twill’s online portal.

epg & Son Fish Sauce Savings & Surety

Like many exporters, Son Fish Sauce was faced with shipping container shortages and rising costs due to the Covid pandemic. Partnering with EPG enabled them to streamline their shipping booking and payment systems and reduce their overall shipping costs to weather these uncertain times.

EPG & Swiff-Train Co.: Taking Back Control

Swiff-Train Co. is a furniture and home furnishings merchant wholesaler based in the USA. This successful business has been importing products and managing ocean freight logistics since the 1940s.

Maersk-Twill & Apple Tree: Partnering for Predictability

2021 was a turbulent year. All importers from China to the USA, whether shipping to the East or West Coast, faced numerous, unforeseen obstacles.

epg & Harvest Ventures: Strategic Savings

Over the 2020-2021 pandemic, shipping container shortages and rising costs led to importers being unable to service their customers. EPG worked with Harvest Ventures to secure additional shipping containers and reduce shipping costs to ensure consistent product delivery and significant savings.