Maersk-Twill & Apple Tree: Partnering for Predictability

2021 was a turbulent year. All importers from China to the USA, whether shipping to the East or West Coast, faced numerous, unforeseen obstacles. In searching for a way to make life simpler and more predictable for our EPG members we launched the Maersk-Twill logistics program in June 2021. This was particularly relevant to one of our importer member’s, Apple Tree.

EPG’s Savings & Solutions

Through our partnership solution with Maersk-Twill we were able to alleviate booking allotment shortages. In June, when ocean freight rates skyrocketed (rates for 40 foot containers jumped from USD$4000 to USD$16000), we were able to ensure fixed rates within the contracted lanes – enabling Apple Tree to plan upcoming shipments and save in unpredictable times.

We simplified Apple Tree’s logistics by providing an end-to-end solution, with Maersk arranging trucking and delivery to the customer’s door. A dedicated customer support team at Maersk-Twill ensured quick response times for Apple Tree in both the US and China and teams could easily track shipments through the Twill portal.

The EPG team, led by Jonathan C. & Jordan Z., stepped in along the way to manage and discuss monthly allotments, any billing discrepancies and to negotiate room to maneuver with the Maersk executives where needed.

The Result

In a turbulent year Apple Tree was able to:

  • Ensure smooth supply chain management due to consistent freight allotment.
  • Enjoy a saving of USD$3000 to USD$4000 per container at a time when market ocean rates were soaring – shipping approximately 700 containers from June-Dec 2021.
  • Save an estimated USD$2000 to USD$3000 on final mile trucking thanks to Maersk who ensured the availability of transport, no waiting time or pier pass fees and covered any detention or demurrage fees.

Simply by becoming an EPG member Apple Tree was able to plug into an efficient and cost-saving network to realize significant savings and improved customer satisfaction.