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2021 Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain is definitely in the news. A quick google search brings us articles by NPR, CNN, Bloomberg, the Washington Post, the NY Times, CBS News, Businesswire, FOX Business, USA Today and many more!! Read more...

Cutting cost shipping with Hybrid delivery systems

The cost of small package shipping is continuously on the rise and are going up every year. As demand for these delivery service rises so does fuel, labor, and overhead. Leading the pack with these increases are the Duopoly FedEx and UPS, Fortunately, there other ways to reduce ship and reduce your freight costs, such as hybrid shipping services. Read more...

Holiday Shipping & Logistics in 2021

It’s October, a little early to be thinking about the holidays, and yet the conversation comes up – should we order our Christmas presents early? The public is asking the question out of a reasonable concern about shipping and transportation issues. The concern is fed by the headlines: The Wall Street Journal headline begins, “Cargo Delays are Getting Worse.” Read more...

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