epg & The Association for Corporate Growth: Profit & Predictability

The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) is in the business of connecting middle-market dealmakers and transaction professionals, where ACG looks to add value at each of stage of the deal. EPG approached ACG with a clear and actionable value proposition to increase the profitability of their middle-market companies, particularly within the volatile ocean freight sector which faced rising costs and shortages due to the Covid pandemic.

EPG’s Savings & Solutions

By plugging into the EPG network and making use of our exclusive contracts, ACG’s members were able to significantly reduce shipping costs, simplify their supply chain logistics and improve the priority and predictability of their cargo.

The Result

By joining the EPG network, ACG’s members where able to increase their buying power and earn discounted rates that they would have been unable to negotiate on their own. This significant cost saving and creased profitability was coupled with increased predictability for ACG member businesses in uncertain times.