What is

epg is the world's leading group purchasing organization (GPO) for logistics procurement and supply chain optimization, combining billions in shipping spend with robust data analysis to create the most competitive shipping contracts in the world. Simply put, our business is to make yours more profitable.

Our Values

Efficiency: Drive results where they matter most. Progress: Deliver new solutions to old problems. Growth: Grow together, succeed together.

Success is Best When Shared

Why choose

Members love epg for providing solutions and savings they could not obtain on their own, whether because of a lack of purchasing volume or available resources. By delivering supplier contracts and programs that are easy to implement, members spend less time exploring “potential savings” and more time “realizing savings.”

“We look like Rockstars to our portfolio companies, simply by bringing epg opportunities to them.”

ACG Representative

“I thank John and the epg team for their superior customer service and excellent communication skills.

epg let us know immediately when extra containers became available - often due to Covid cases closing factories and their booked containers being released days prior to sailing. Their fast communication helped Maersk maximize ship capacity by utilizing the containers, helped our factories to maximize product output, and allowed our company to book extra containers so we could provide customers with the products they desperately needed."

Tom Atyeo, Vice President
Harvest Ventures, Inc.