Membership to epg provides access to an extensive network of world-class partners with exclusive pricing. Our group purchasing contracts span several categories including: small parcel, ocean freight, LTL/Truckload, 3PL fulfilment, and corporate purchasing cards.

Ocean Freight
Rising costs and capacity shortages have created a volatile ocean freight market, making it harder to predict landed costs and to plan for inventory. epg provides members with a key advantage – a level of predictability and savings that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.
epg member benefits:
  • Reserved container capacity directly with the world’s leading ocean freight providers.
  • epg’s exclusive contracts ensure competitive pricing and end-to-end shipping solutions and support from a dedicated team.
  • Easy-to-use technology allows members to book ocean freight, cargo value coverage, customs clearance, and delivery to their door as easily as one might book a plane ticket.
Small Parcel
Small parcel shipping is increasingly complex and expensive, making it a key spend category for many companies. Optimizing your carrier network, pricing agreements, and shipping methods can significantly reduce costs and improve customer experience.
epg member benefits:
  • Up to 86% off through pre-negotiated shipping rates from UPS, DHL, and more.
  • Reliability by using best-in-category shipping carriers.
  • Flexibility through a diverse network of carriers, so each shipment is optimized for service and savings.
Less than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload Shipping
With thousands of carriers and varying pricing structures, managing a network of regional and national LTL carriers can be overwhelming and costly. epg reduces the time and money spent on managing inbound and outbound trucking.
epg member benefits:
  • Simple, easy-to-use technology that allows members to view their contractual rates alongside epg’s pre-negotiated rates from leading carriers.
  • Exclusive group rates that only epg members have access to.
  • Free, custom carrier RFPs for companies needing specialized services and pricing for their specific shipping characteristics.
  • Freight bill audit, GL coding, and payment services.
Fulfillment & Warehousing
Finding the right third-party fulfillment company (3PF) can be complex and expensive. By joining epg you have access to our network of top-class fulfillment partners, competitive 3PF rates, and decades of expertise.
epg combines decades of logistics experience, market insight, and data analysis to act as an extension of your intelligence team. Benchmark your shipping costs, analyze "what if" scenarios to understand how pricing and distribution changes will impact your bottom line, and feel confident your company is getting the best possible carrier pricing.
epg member benefits:
  • Free data analysis and benchmarking.
  • Analyze shipping trends and capture additional savings.
  • Transparent, supplier-agnostic advice from shipping industry experts.
Financing and Credit Cards
epg members optimize working capital with our industry-leading solutions from Rho and LSQ.
epg member benefits:
  • Over 1.8% cash-back incentives (Rho).
  • Extended payment term options (Rho and LSQ).
  • No personal guarantee required (Rho)
  • Extended terms at no cost to you (LSQ)
  • Intuitive spend controls and reporting (Rho and LSQ)