epg & Harvest Ventures: Strategic Savings

Harvest Ventures has been importing pet products for over 2 decades, primarily using freight forwarders. Their standard model was severely disrupted in 2020-2021 by the global pandemic which resulted in severe ocean container shortages and was affecting their ability to meet the product requirements of their customers. The shortage of containers further resulted in a 400% increase in shipping costs and severe losses for the company.

EPG’s Savings & Solutions

Faced with increasing loses and uncertainty, Harvest Ventures turned to Jonathan Cortes and his team at EPG who worked closely with Maersk to secure additional containers each month. The additional containers regulated Harvest Ventures product delivery issues and provided enough in savings to balance their total shipping cost.

The Result​

Despite a time of significant container shortages globally, EPG enabled Harvest Ventures to secure enough additional containers to keep their customers in stock. Saving the company from potentially having to discontinue product lines which would severely drain company sales and profits.

An unstable market still meant that the costs of shipping containers were higher than previous years, however EPG was able to negotiate significantly lower rates than the FAK and Premium rates on the 2021 spot market. The resultant savings for Harvest Ventures were in the region of over a million dollars.