EPG & Swiff-Train Co.: Taking Back Control

Swiff-Train Co. is a furniture and home furnishings merchant wholesaler based in the USA. This successful business has been importing products and managing ocean freight logistics since the 1940s. The global pandemic and it’s knock-on effects caused the company to experience extreme uncertainty and challenges with their international logistics – the likes of which they had rarely seen before.

EPG’s Savings & Solutions

Faced with uncertain times, rising shipping costs and inconsistent freight allotments, Swiff-Train Co. researched several options to help take control of their supply chain. The one partner that stood out was EPG, who immediately understood the challenges and expectations of the company and was able to formulate an effective action plan.

The Result

With EPG as their partner, Swiff-Train Co. was able to achieve some much needed normalcy and transparency with their international supply chain. This was particularly visible with regards to space allocation, booking visibility and cost reduction – savings and efficiencies that were in turn passed on to Swiff-Train Co. customers.
By creating some predictability in uncertain times, Swift-Train Co. factories were able to receive consistent bookings, which led to increased profitability. The first 55 containers booked through EPG, compared to average shipping in the same lane, saved the company USD$5, 000 per container, enabling them to put USD$275, 000 in savings back into the company.
Through their partnership with us, Swift-Train Co. was able to take back control of their supply chain, allowing their business an opportunity for growth in trying times.