epg provides one-stop logistics procurement to reduce operating costs. We increase our members’ profitability through access to exclusive vendor contracts and industry-leading procurement resources. Members leverage our purchasing volume to access pricing beyond what they could negotiate on their own.


For epg, efficiency means delivering savings in the categories that have the greatest impact on your business, as quickly as possible. Our pre-negotiated pricing from world-leading providers will save you time and money, without a lengthy RFP.


epg takes a progressive approach to savings – saving you money now, while keeping a close eye on the future. By partnering with innovative, market-leading logistics and supply chain companies we provide original solutions backed by reliable service and best-in-class pricing.


We believe that Success is Best When Shared. We support your growth with our buying power and industry resources, while your purchasing volume adds to the strength of our network. This ultimately allows us to negotiate world-class pricing so you can focus on growing your business.

What is

A group purchasing organization (GPO) leverages the purchasing power of collective businesses to negotiate better pricing, service and account representation from suppliers. Increasing buying power, while simplifying the buying process.

epg leverages billions in purchasing volume to negotiate best-in-class savings with a network of reliable and trusted suppliers. Our GPO contracts reduce procurement costs while creating supply chain efficiencies for sustainable savings.

Why do I need
Group purchasing?

If you want to increase your
buying power

When cost savings are essential, a GPO
can provide access to pricing beyond
what you could negotiate on your own.

If shipping costs are
impacting your business

epg’s exclusive deals with shipping carriers
allow our members to maintain a reliable and
predictable supply chain with significant
savings. Regardless of shipping volume.

If you want to shorten the
buying process

At epg, we identify which of our programs
will have the greatest impact on your
business’s bottom line. Members join
for FREE and start saving within weeks.

Areas of epg focus

Ocean Freight

Less than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload Shipping

Financing &
Credit Cards

Fulfillment &



Members enjoy competitive pricing and end-to-end shipping solutions from a dedicated team at the world’s leading ocean freight providers.

Reduce the time and money spent on managing inbound and outbound trucking through epg's exclusive contracts.

epg members can optimize working capital through Supply Chain Financing and our Corporate Credit Card Program to enjoy aggressive cash-back rewards, flexible terms, and higher credit limits – all paired with industry-best spend controls and reporting.

Find the right third-party fulfillment company for your needs, with industry-leading pricing.

Understand the market, turn your data into leverage, and be certain you are getting the best rates.

Access up to 86% off from UPS, DHL, and other leading carriers, with little-to-no minimum volume commitment.

It's simple
with epg

Instantly increase your buying power by joining epg’s exclusive network. Membership is FREE and simple.
Start saving in 4 easy steps.


Sign up for FREE as a member of epg.


We'll collect the data we need without putting a strain on your accounting teams.


Receive a FREE, no obligation analysis of your current spend with suggestions on how you can quickly reduce costs and improve operations.


Choose the programs and suppliers that work for you. Our pre-negotiated pricing means you can start saving in weeks, rather than months.

custom tailored
Solutions & Savings

epg can help to optimize costs throughout your organization to generate savings, particularly in the following categories:



Members enjoy cost savings on inbound and outbound freight of up to 82%.


Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Talent Management and Employee Discount Program issues savings of up to 25%.


Food Services

Food Services

Your organization can save up to 20% on food services and equipment.


IT & Telecommunications

IT & Telecommunications

Members enjoy savings of up to 17% on hardware & software, office technology, wireless services and devices.




With EPG your company can save up to 15% on furniture, Maintenance Repair & Operations, elevator and escalator costs, and janitorial supplies.




Look at savings of up to 10% on office supplies, marketing and advertising and financial services.