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As the nation's leading purchasing association, EPG provides a competitive edge to large and small businesses through free access to exclusive vendor contracts and industry leading procurement resources.

Take your purchasing power to the next level

EPG members leverage purchasing volume to access pricing beyond what they could negotiate on their own, realizing savings in weeks, not months.

Start saving today in these categories:

International cargo ship

Market insight

Supply chain


Merchant services


Human resources





Office supplies

Exploring our membership program

Want to know if EPG is right for your organization? Follow these simple steps to explore our category solutions.


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success is best when shared

EPG's success is derived from our amazing members, with each business adding purchasing volume to the group and strengthening our ability to negotiate best-in-class pricing in key spend categories for our members.

By bypassing the traditional RFP process (which only leverages your own purchasing volume), EPG members receive exclusive pricing without having to pit vendors against each other in a lengthy, exhausting bidding process. For our members, this means realizing greater savings in a shorter period of time.

Pre-negotiated contracts offer members an immediate competitive advantage while custom-negotiated agreements allow even the largest organizations realize guaranteed savings.

significant and immediate
contract savings

29,000+ companies

150+ industries served

$2B+ in purchasing volume

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